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About Me

Collaboration, testing and rapid iterations are what takes good design to the next level.

Kathleen MacAinsh

Kathleen MacAinsh

Interactive Designer

Kathleen MacAinsh is a multi-disciplined designer who’s been creating digital experiences professionally since 2006. She loves solving problems and making life easier for people.

She often asks, “is there an easier or faster way?” She believes asking this question in all areas of life can help people become more productive and efficient with their time. Currently working in Digital Services as a UX Architect at London Life, Kathleen practices human-centered design focusing on information architecture, interaction and UI design. She is an event organizer and city co-founder of the monthly meetup group Ladies that UX London Ontario.

Kathleen enjoys researching and practicing methods for optimizing productivity, improving organization systems and living a balanced lifestyle. She’s a proud Canadian, living in London, Ontario with her husband, two children and her fur baby, “Kobi”.

The Story of "kmac"

A friend gave me the nick name "kmac" after getting married and changing my last name. "K" stands for "Kathleen" and "Mac" stands for "MacAinsh". I thought it had a nice ring to it and so was born.


A selection of projects I've had the pleasure to work on.

Chg Beds portfolio Image

CHG Beds Mobile Site

Web desgin & Front-End Development


3M Mobile & Desktop Microsite

Front-End Development

Interface portfolio Image

Survey for Diagnostic Program

User-Centered Workshops and Artifacts

Singulink Site


Website Design & Front-End Development

Info-Tech New Years Promotion

Info-Tech New Years Promotion

Website, Email & Print Design

Info-Tech 888 Yonge Street

Info-Tech 888 Yonge Street Event Promtional Site and Brochure

Website & Print Design

Info-Tech Magazine portfolio Image

Info-Tech Magazine - Innovation Day Project

Graphic Design

3m Post-it portfolio Image

Post-It - Google Adwords Campaign Animation

Storyboarding and Animation

Femme Force portfolio Image

Not-For-Profit - Femme Force Poster & Logo

Graphic Design


Infographic - Project Management

Graphic Design


Infographic - Train Managers to Negotiate

Graphic Design


Infographic - Redefine Your HR Department Stucture

Graphic Design


Infographic - Choose the Right Development Platform

Graphic Design, Data Visualization

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